Vivero greenhouses are made up of 103 triangles. Before the greenhouse can be assembled, the triangles need to be attached into the shapes shown below on the diagram (fig. 1). After that the pre-

assembled shapes can be used to set up a Vivero greenhouse.


The pre-assembly can be done by the customer or as an added service by us (please refer to the price

list). Pre-assembling the triangles is not complicated, but it is quite a time consuming process.

fig. 1.

The triangles in the greenhouse kit are marked according to the colour code in fig. 1.


To start pre-assembly, take 2 triangles and silicone the connecting sides, while taking care to check that the corners and joints are aligned. Secure the triangles with the clamps provided in the kit and lock the triangles into place with bolts in the pre-drilled holes.

The last two triangles of the pentagrams (colour coded blue) need to be attached together before joining the two larger pieces to form a pentagram, as shown on the first two photos below.


To form the hexagons (colour coded red) attach the triangles into 2 separate trapezoids and then join those to form the hexagon, as shown on the last photo below.


Clean off the excess silicone.

Place the pentagrams with Bayliss automatic openers to the places marked dark blue in fig. 1, the two manual windows (with hinges) can be used in any of the pentagrams marked light blue in fig. 1.


To pre-assemble the door, first fasten the door details into place with screws in the pre-drilled holes.

Then fasten the bottom door piece to the door frame using hinges.

Lastly fasten the upper door piece to the frame.

With this the greenhouse is ready for final assembly (please refer to the section “Assembly” on our webpage).


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